Heron of Alexandria (/ˈhɛrən/; c. 10 AD – c. 70 AD); Considered by many scholars as the greatest experimenter of antiquity.

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Industrial progress is accelerating at an unprecedented rate...
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Industry 1.0

The transition from artisan goods production to mechanized manufacturing and the factory system.
Steam and water power new machines and tools.
Roads and Railways are built.
Improved iron and steel manufacture.


Industry 2.0

Mass production methods including the production line.
The advent of flight and the beginning of the motor industry.
Newly discovered energy sources including oil, gas and electricity.
The invention of the telephone.


Industry 3.0

The rise of electronics, computers and telecommunication.
Technology drives manufacturing automation.
The Digital Revolution begins, super powered by the Internet.
Move towards renewable energy.


Industry 4.0

The merger of the biological, physical and digital worlds.
Enhanced machine to machine communication for maximum efficiencies and productivity.
Incredible customisation of products and services.
The rapid development of smart technologies.

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Industry 5.0

Increased focus on the collaboration between machines (with rich cognitive computing capabilities) and humans (with emotional intelligence, strategic thinking and creativity).

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